Catholic school teacher who had sex with student is pregnant with his baby​

mary gillesIt's no secret that news of a high school pregnancy travels fast. However, when the person pregnant happens to be a Catholic school teacher and the baby daddy happens to be a student, you'd better believe that kind of news travels at light speed! Oh, my gosh! The bonchinche that must have started!


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Catholic high school math teacher Mary Gilles was arrested Monday and charged with six counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct for allegedly engaging in illegal extracurricular activities (read: sex. Lots of it!) with a teenage student. According to administrators at Austin, Minnesota's Pacelli High School, where Gilles worked, one of the 28-year-old's coworkers caught her hanging out with the teen in the auditorium late at night, prompting assistant principal Laura Marreel to snoop through the teenager's student email account. Though Marreel failed to find anything juicy or incriminating in the student's school email account, she did find the password to his personal email account. So she did what any curious school administrator/parent/adult/human being would do: she hacked into his personal email account, only to discover a treasure trove of incriminating evidence.

According to the emails found in the unidentified 17-year-olds account, he and Gilles had been engaged in an on-off sexual affair since February 2014 that may have resulted in a Gilles getting pregnant with the teen's baby. As if that's not crazy enough as it is, the teen alleges that he and Gilles used protection the five or six times they had sex between February and June. So, how did she get pregnant, then? Is she pregnant with a miracle baby? Probably not.

Chances are, one of the condoms used didn't do its job, making these two quite a cautionary tale for Catholic school students everywhere. Think about it. These two shucked the whole rule about how thou shall not get thou's freak on before marriage, which led Gilles, A: getting fired and arrested; and B: getting knocked up out of wedlock. I'm not a practicing Catholic, but even I can see how this will be a doozy of a lesson for others to learn from. And for those who aren't religious, at the very least it'll teach them to stay the heck away from minors!

Or, so you'd think. Apparently, the same week Gilles was arrested, another Minnesota private school teacher was arrested for having a sexual affair with a 16-year-old female student. Dan Erik Hubbard-Wilson stands accused of hooking up with the minor when he was 25-years-old. No word yet on whether or not he too is pregnant with a miracle baby.

As for Gilles, she faces up to a maximum of 15 years prison or a fine of $30,000, or both.

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