8 Reasons why you should love being short

You'll never guess who's making their first American TV debut for the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show. It's Jyoti Amge, the 20-year-old old woman from Nagpur, India who was declared the world's shortest woman. No, I'm not exaggerating. This chick is practically the size of a toddler. She's only 2'6" for crying out loud. How does did this chiquita land this big gig?


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After breaking a Guiness World record, Amge started gaining fame in India. She's appeared in two Indian reality TV shows before a producer from American Horror Story finally tracked her down. Amge plays a character named Ma Petite, a member of a traveling sideshow that arrives in Florida in 1952. This goes to show that there are some advantages to being short. Amge, who has achondroplasia, a serious form of dwarfism is totally treated like royalty on set. Her castmates don't even let her walk around. "Everybody loves me so much, they just want to carry me around," she told People. "Sometimes I think to myself, when am I going to stand, because I'm being carried all day?"

I wouldn't consider myself a short or tall woman. I'm exactly 5'4", considered the average height for a woman these days. But I do have quite a few incredibly petite friends who find their height to be the most hindering thing ever. Whenever they start complaining, I always remind them of the advantages that come with being on the short side. Here are 8 reasons why being a short girl isn't the worst thing ever!

You can date any guy you want: Even though I'm not the tallest person in the world, I always remind my short friends that when it comes to men they have way more options. They never have to worry about the guy being shorter than them.

You'll always have plenty of legroom on a plane: You'll never have a legroom issue on a plane. Now if that isn't a plus to being short than I don't know what is!

You'll never be too tall for a bed: Those short legs are actually a blessing in disguise. You'll never have to worry about being too tall for a bed whether it's a twin size or a kid's size.

You'll always get help: Okay so reaching things can be an issue. But the upside to that is there will always be taller people out there willing to help you.

You can't block someone's view: Whether you're at a concert or a movie theater, you'll never have to worry about blocking someone's view. How awesome is that?

You look younger: People always think you're years younger than you really are. Maybe you didn't appreciate this so much in your early 20s but after 30 who doesn't want to hear that they look like they're in their teens?

You can shop in the kid's section: Shopping at the kid's section might not seem so glamorous but imagine how much money you'll most likely save? It's bananas!

You can fit into small spaces: Enough said.

Image via Jyoti Amge/Facebook

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