Texas teen murders his mom & rapes her corpse​

Kevin Davis murderd mother and raped her corpseOn March 27 of this year 18-year-old Kevin Davis murdered his mother and then had sex with her corpse. The details are profoundly horrifying and the reason we even know them is because Davis doesn't even seem to be human, he talks about what he did as if it were any old thing. He says, "I don't have standards, I don't have morals. A body's a body--a piece of meat." It's hard to believe that this story could get any worse, but it does.


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The Texas teen pleaded  guilty to murder on Monday as his trial began. A videotaped confession was played for jurors where Davis admitted to trying to strangle his mother Kimberly Hill with the cord of some video game device. When she wouldn't stop screaming, he hit her over the head multiple times with a hammer. Then he stuck his hand into the wound and moved her brain around to make sure she was dead.

Once she was dead, he raped her dead body. He told investigators, "Guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse."

Davis admits in the videotape that Hill was "the best mother" and didn't deserve what he did to her. Who on earth would ever deserve that for crying out loud? I'm not sure how Hill could have known what her son is capable of.

This man's sickness runs deep. After he did what he did to his mother he waited around for his sister to get home so that he could kill her too, but at a certain point he decided to leave because he says, "I had my fill of killing. It seemed a little much."

That's when Davis rode off on his bicycle and knocked on a couple's door to tell them to call the police because he had murdered someone.

I really want to make sense of this senseless brutality. I really do, but I can't. This didn't happen because Hill was disciplining her son and he had an extreme reaction, it didn't happen because of anything other than Davis wanted to kill her. Davis had fantasized about killing his mother and sister for a long time. He told investigators that he asked his mother for permission to commit suicide because he doesn't like other people and finds life boring. She was upset but told him that she couldn't control his actions. That seems to be what made him decide to kill her.

The jury in the case has sentenced Davis to life in prison. I feel like this man is a danger to every single person he comes across. I fear for anyone that has contact with him because he's cold and dead inside.

What he did to his mother is something that I can't even fully absorb, I just can't and I don't want to. I hope she is in peace right now. His sister must be in some kind of state and  I hope she has the help and support she needs. And the jurors, judge, detectives and everyone who had to listen to all of the infinitesimal details of what Davis did, I'm so sorry, I wish there was a way to erase all of it from your thoughts.

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