Jerk punches baby in the face & you'll never believe why

Markeese Cummings punched baby in the faceListen I'm not into name calling just for the sake of name calling, but what would you call a man who punches a 1-year-old girl in the face? I would call him Markeese Cummings and then I'd follow it up with a few choice expletives. That's right reasonable people of the internet, 24-year-old Markeese Cummings punched a 1-year-old girl in the face. Why? Because she was crying for her mami and wouldn't stop. The mami she was crying for was taking a shower after having had sex with Cummings. Un-freakin-believeable!


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So on Monday, Cummings went over to the Toledo, Ohio apartment of Simone Day who has a 1-year-old daughter. Cummings and Day decided to have sex so they put the child in a different room while they did the deed. Once the deed was done Day went to take a shower and Cummings took the baby who was crying downstairs to get something to drink. The baby wouldn't stop crying so naturally Cummings punched her in the face with a closed fist. Wait, WHAT?! Who does that? Who tries to get a baby to stop crying with a sucker punch? Again: UN-FREAKIN-BELIEVABLE!

According to the police report, Cummings hit the baby "on the right side of her face with a closed fist causing serious harm." He said it was because he had lost his temper. Yeah, well now I hope he loses a few years behind bars because you don't EVER punch a baby EVER! There will never be a situation involving a baby where the proper response is to punch the baby. Nope, NEVER!

Cummings was arrested and charged with felonious assault. Originally his bail was set at $75,000, but once the judge heard more about the condition of the baby, the bail was reset to $500,000.

My thoughts are with that child. I hope she recovers quickly and has no lasting physical damage. I also hope that she's young enough to forget that this ever happened.

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