Little boy plunges 72 feet down trash chute

boy falls down trash chuteAn 8-year-old boy in Hawaii fell 72-feet down a garbage chute. The little boy is on a school break from Pearl Harbor Elementary and was hanging out at his aunt's condo when she asked him to take out the garbage. Totally normal thing to ask an 8-year-old to do, but then he never came back. Somehow this little guy fell into the garbage chute and could not get out. The poor guy was terrified. Dan Kaetsu, a neighbor, says, "She sent him out to take out the trash and he never came back and then she heard him screaming from inside. He was screaming he couldn't breathe. It was tight."


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Thank goodness that Kaetsu was around to help. He had no idea how far the child had fallen and instead of running down to the bottom of the chute, he decided to break the glass covering a fire hose. Kaetsu explains:

I didn't know how far down he was. I couldn't see him so maybe this might be long enough. We were feeding it down to him. But he said he couldn't see it, couldn't reach it. I just unraveled the whole thing and sent the entire thing down.

Kaetsu then coached the child telling him to grab onto the hose and try and use the walls to walk himself up. Can you imagine how scared the little boy must have been? It's totally dark in that chute and 72 feet is like over six stories of a building. I would have a hard time climbing six flights of stairs in the dark, let alone climb up with a hose.

Somehow the scared and crying child made it up and out. He suffered scrapes and cuts, but physically is otherwise fine. Traumatized, I'm sure, but alive.

I had no idea that a garbage chute could be dangerous in that way, but I guess it makes sense. I mean if you are small enough to fit inside the opening, then you are small enough to fall down the chute.

Kudos to Kaetsu for helping out, encouraging and soothing the child throughout the whole ordeal.

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