Groom kills his bride minutes after their wedding!

Kelly Ecker and George "Scott" Samson were wrapping up their wedding ceremony in Indiana, Ohio when the couple started arguing about their pre-nup. Somehow the about- to-be newlyweds didn't discuss the terms of the money until that moment. After the ceremony was over, the couple and their guests headed to their home for the reception. Witnesses say the couple kept arguing, making the guess uncomfortable. Soon after the last guest left, the groom grabbed a gun, shot his wife and then shot himself.


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We have the audio of the chilling 911 call the bride made, but I'm warning you, it's gruesome. You can hear the breathless woman pleading for help saying that her husband was beating her and he had guns in the house. He threatened her to kill her because he didn't want her hands on his money. Unfortunately, it wasn't just a threat and the coward carried out his crime. He shot his new bride on the torso and the head several times, killing her instantly.

The woman called the emergency number several times, but when the police arrived it was too late. They found her dead body in the room of her 10-year-old son, but thankfully the boy was safe. I just don't understand how something like this could happen. That man was sick and I can't believe she didn't see the signs before. The authorities found his body in the basement with shots through his head. Just crazy! His elderly parents were in the house at the time of tragedy and they don't understand what went on.

Sometimes love and excitement blinds us and we can't see clearly whether the person next to us is a monster. The bride was fifty years old and the killer groom was fifty two, they clearly weren't teenagers and she should have known the kind of man she was marrying. This is such a terrible tragedy and I'm devastated for her son. I wonder who will take care of him now that his mother is gone. My prayers are with him and I hope he gets the help he needs to heal and overcome this unspeakable crime.

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