Newborn shaken to death by mother's boyfriend

Joseph Kyle Lamay accused of shaking baby to deathLorenzo Hernandez was only 4 months old when he was pronounced dead at a hospital in Florida on September 26. His death is not only tragic it's being considered a murder and the alleged murderer is 24-year-old Joseph Kyle Lamay who is accused of shaking the baby to death. Lamay was watching the baby for his girlfriend while she was at work when he called 911 at around 1 a.m. and said, "I have a 4-month-old infant, and he's barely breathing. I don't know what happened to him. Please hurry. Oh, my God!"


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As emergency responders rushed to the scene, Lamay was told how to perform CPR on the baby. Hours later the baby was pronounced deat at Arnold Palmer Hospital. Doctors said the baby suffered from shaken baby syndrome and according to Palm Bay police spokeswoman Yvonne Martinez, "The investigation revealed the child died from blunt-force trauma. However, the exact circumstances are still being investigated."

Since Lamay was the last one to have contact with the baby and he gave the police inconsistent statements, naturally he was a suspect. Then just two days after the baby died, his girlfriend's baby mind you, he took off on a Greyhound bus to California. Suspicious much?

Martinez says, "Information led detectives to Garden Grove, Calif., where Lamay's brother lives. Authorities in California located Lamay and arrested him on Friday during a traffic stop ...." He's being held in a California jail without bail for the murder of Lorenzo and will be extradited back to Florida soon.

Sadly, what has been done cannot be undone. The thought of that baby suffering at the hands of this man who was supposed to be caring for him is too much. I hope the child did not feel too much pain and died peacefully. And I imagine that the child's mother must be living some kind of nightmare right now, knowing that someone she trusted is most likely responsible for her baby's death.

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