Texas mother charged with starving stepson, who was only found after she vanished with newborn

Tammi BleimeyerThanks to one quick-thinking woman, a 6-week-old baby boy who vanished with a Texas woman previously charged with starving the boy's 5-year-old brother is safe and sound, and in Child Protective Service's custody. Phew!

Police issued an Amber Alert for the newborn when his mother Tammi Bleimeyer reportedly failed to comply with a judge's order for her to turn him over to CPS Monday. After receiving the alert on her phone, the eagle-eyed woman spotted Bleimeyer with the baby at a local pediatrician's office, and called 911. Thank goodness! If you'd seen the pics of this baby's older brother, you'd know exactly why police were so worried about the newborn's wellbeing.  


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Back in March, a then pregnant Bleimeyer fled her home with her skeletally thin stepson Jordan, after police came to her home to investigate a domestic dispute involving her 16-year-old stepson and husband. It's no wonder why. Apparently, Bleimeyer and her husband had been starving the poor little guy, and making him sleep on a soiled mattress in a closet located under the staircase. When police arrived at the family's home, Jordan's stepbrother led them to the closet where Jordan had reportedly been kept, spurring a desperate search for both the tyke and Bleimeyer.

When officers caught up to Bleimeyer, they found the bruised and battered 5-year-old tot in a soiled diaper, weighing just 29 pounds. That's approximately 11 pounds less than the average 5-year-old weighs! Pobrecito.

Remarkably, Bleimeyer had the nerve to claim she didn't know how Jordan got so thin. She told a local news station she just figured he had "a health issue or something else like that." Seriously? If by health issue she means terrible parents, then, yeah, she's right. Both Bleimeyer and Jordan's father, Bradley Bleimeyer, appear to be hazardous to their children's health. According to Jordan's biological mother, who was reportedly kept away from the little guy for two years, Jordan has since recounted numerous horrific tales of his father and stepmother's abuse. "He was locked up under that stairwell. In a separate room. His daddy hitting him. He can't cry when the other children took his food," Hall told reporters at Houston Hospital last week, according to KHOU-TV.

It's no wonder a judge issued an order for Bleimeyer to surrender custody of the couple's infant son. This woman is obviously an unfit parent. It's a wonder a judge let her go on $2,000 bond after what she did to Jordan. I hope the Texas justice system won't make the same mistake again. Bleimeyer deserves to be locked up for a good while so that she can think long and hard about what's she's done.

Thankfully, both boys are now safe and sound. Jordan is reportedly living with his biological mother. Windy Hall. As for the unidentified baby boy, he is showing no visible signs of trauma after his recovery.

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