7th Heaven star Stephen Collins confesses to child molestation & it's all caught on tape!

I  don't even know where to begin with the news on Stephen Collins' child molestation confessions. Yes, Stephen Collins as in the guy who played Reverend Eric Camden on 7th Heaven. The man we all believed to be this talented and wholesome individual is actually a sick pedophile and I'm still in complete shock about it. And this is not big just chisme chica. There's actually an audio recording where he confesses to molesting not one, not two but three underage girls. Ugh!


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It's hard to imagine Collins being a child molester. The dude played a pastor and a dad on the WB's 7th Heaven. He also looked like a genuinely nice guy. But apparently Collins had a deep, dark past he's been trying to keep a secret for years. That is until the guilt of it pushed him to confess to the dirty deeds during a therapy session with his ex-wife, Faye Grant.

So here's what happened: Collins and Grant are currently in the middle of a really long and hostile divorce. According to reports, Collins had revealed to Grant back in 2012 that he had molested or exposed himself to several underage girls, years before the confession. Grant must have freaked out and had them see a therapist where she not only asked him questions about the incident but was also secretly recording the entire thing.

In the recording, Collins first admits to molesting an 11-year-old girl from New York. His first wife's younger sister to be exact. How sick is that? He also admitted to exposing himself a few more times to the same girl when she was 12 and 14.

Grant asks Collins whether he got an erection from exposing himself to the girl and he responds, "No, I mean, no. Partial, maybe I think." He also exposed himself to a 12-year-old girl from L.A. and another preteen from New York who he claims was around 12 or 13 when the incident occurred. Grant sounds so repulsed by the confession and who could blame her? Could you imagine discovering you were married to a child molester?

What really makes me sick is that I grew up watching this guy in movies and on TV thinking he was a moral fella when all along he was molesting young girls. Who knows what kinds of dirty thoughts were running though his mind on the set of 7th Heaven or even ABC's The Fosters where he interacted with a ton of underage actors. This pervert deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars!

Listen to Stephen Collin's audio confession

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