Mom's terrible reaction to hair dye causes burns & blindness!

Investing in box hair dye is a normal routine for countless of women, but just imagine going blind and getting burned because of it. Jo Thomson, a British mother of three, suffered from such a bad allergic reaction to a hair dye kit that caused those exact symptoms. The 39-year-old woman's skin was so severely burned that she ended up being covered in boils. This was not a pretty sight. 


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Thomson purchased a shade called "Cosmic Blue." She ended up completing the allergy patch test that most box hair dyes recommend, but had no issues. After applying the dye on her hair, she felt burning and was left in agony. "It felt like someone had poured petrol over my head then lit a match. My scalp was red raw and it hurt to even rest against my pillow," she told The Daily Mail.

This woman just had terrible luck. Of course, you always run a risk when you use products with toxic chemicals, but her skin reaction was extreme. On top of that, she ended up color blind because of it. I'm sure more people will be tempted to use natural-based hair dyes after seeing what happened to Jo. The burn must have been terrible, but running the risk of never being able to see her children again was really the most heartbreaking part.

"Dying my hair was the worst mistake of my life. Not only did I nearly die, but I've been left absolutely terrified of everyone and everything," she said. Three years after the incident, Thomson suffers from agoraphobia, a mental illness that makes you fear leaving the house. Honestly, I wouldn't want strangers to look at me either.

She was able to get medical treatment to remove some of the toxins from her body. Doctors were also able to save her sight, but she remains color blind. I doubt Jo and her kids will ever be touching a box of hair dye again. 

Image via Corbis

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