Little girl's foot RIPPED off on department store escalator!

This story is a nightmare come to life. A shopping trip turned really ugly for a family from New Jersey after their 10-year-old daughter's foot got caught in a Macy's story escalator at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus. The painstaking event caused the little girl to lose her toes and part of her foot. The horror! Now the victim's family is fighting back. 


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The family has filed a lawsuit against Macy's Inc. and the escalator company ThyssenKrupp Elevator America Inc. for the freak accident that occurred last year. The lawsuit includes gruesome details of what took place on that day. As the paperwork states, "Copious amounts of blood and tissue were distributed over at least 11 steps as the escalator continued grinding up against [the victim's] trapped foot and leg."

The parents must have felt heartbroken, desperate and helpless in watching their little girl go through so much agony. A passerby ended up pushing the emergency button on the escalator, but the damage was already done. The girl's leg was trapped about halfway between her right ankle and knee when emergency paramedics arrived.

It turns out that the escalator was installed in the 1950's and was considered one of the oldest operating escalators in the state. The family's attorney released the following statement to HLN:

Macy's operated one of the oldest [escalators] in the country at its Garden State Plaza location. It was a potential hazard to anyone who rode it. It is shameful that it took a horrific injury that nearly tore off a little girl's foot to get Macy's to fix it.

They should definitely get compensated for having to go through this. The girl's shoe laces were tied so they can't blame it on that. Freak accidents happen, but because the escalator was so old the burden should fall on the department store and the escalator company.

The worst part of the story is that doctors were unable to save the little girl's pinky toe and second toes. She has had about 13 surgeries so far to repair her foot. There is no coming back from such a terrible accident, but hopefully the store pays up big time. 

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