4-year-old hands out bags of heroin​ at daycare

video of 4-year-old having his heart brokenIn Delaware, on Monday, a 4-year-old girl took 249 bags of heroin to daycare with her. The little girl passed out the baggies to the other children at Hickory Tree Child Care Center because she thought they were candy. What the WHAT?! I can't even wrap my mind around this story. How does a child that age end up taking that many bags of heroin to school with her, I mean one bag would be shocking in and of itself, but 249? Of course the heroin did not belong to the little girl, it belonged to the little girl's mother: 30-year-old Ashley Tull.


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What seems to have happened is that the little girl's backpack was destroyed by a pet, so her mother gave her another backpack to use, but forgot to remove 249 bags of heroin from it. Nice!

After the 4-year-old handed out the heroin like candy at daycare, staff noticed the kids walking around with little baggies of powdery stuff. Delaware State Troopers and medics were called and the later investigators identified the powder as heroin.

By some kind of divine intervention the bags were not opened by the kids, but even so some of the kids who came into contact with them were taken to local hospitals just to make sure they were okay. All the children are fine, thank goodness.

Tull was arrested when she showed up at the daycare and is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She has three children and all of them have been put in the care of a relative and Tull has been ordered to not have any contact with them. Poor kids.

This story makes me want to cry because those children were seriously compromised. I don't even what to imagine what could have happened to them if any of those bags were opened. It also makes me want to punch Tull repeatedly in the face. Don't worry, I would never do such a thing because I have restraint. I also would not give my kid a backpack full of heroin, but that's just me.

In case you are wondering, this is what over 200 bags of heroin look like, kind of hard to miss:

4 year old brings heroin to daycare

Images via Thinkstock, Delaware State Police

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