School bullies tell teen to kill himself after they beat him

School could be a daily battle field for some kids, but this mom is trying to put an end to it. Cathrina, who chose not to reveal her full identify to protect her family, is speaking out about the physical and emotional bullying that has been going on in her son's Washington state middle school. The desperate mother claims that her teen boy was told to "drink bleach and die" during school and later texted a friend that he was contemplating suicide. 


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As someone who was bullied as a kid, I know how mean and cruel kids can be. What saved me was having an older brother to come up to my school and do the whole "don't mess with my sister again or else" bit. It worked and I felt like I was being set free, but most kids are left to fend for themselves. The sad part is that teachers rarely know how to treat the situation. A lot of the bullying happens outside of school too so it is difficult to curb it.

During a local news segment, Cathrina reacted to the horrible way her teen son was being treated at school. She said, "How dare somebody make him feel like that. I don't know what I would do if something had happened." I feel so terrible for this mother. She revealed that last year her son was kicked in his private area and punched at school too. Her son was even diagnosed with brain trauma after getting hit over the head with a skateboard. What does a mother do in this helpless situation?

Cathrina ended up transferring her son to another school. Hopefully he is able to get a fresh start and never has to see those bullies again.  Visit for ways to prevent and respond to bullying

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