hid drugs in butt enhancerHoney, do these drugs make my fake butt look fat? That's what I imagine 33-year-old Jill Roy of Massachusetts saying as she left wherever it is she left on September 16. You see later that day, Jill Roy was caught with illegal drugs hidden underneath her butt enhancer. She has a perfectly good reason for it too. She told police, "I don't have a butt so I wear these and another pair of underwear under it." Hahahaha! Good thing too otherwise the bags of pills and heroin that she had stashed underneath would have made her naturally flat butt look all lumpy, I'm sure.

Butt wait for it, there's more!

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Roy was caught during a traffic stop. She might have been able to keep sitting pretty on her fake butt and drugs too if it weren't for the suspicious behavior of her passengers who appeared to be trying to hide things under the seats when police approached.

Bags of marijuana were found in Roy's car, who by the way has quite the criminal record due to illegal drugs and her penchant for being around them. Naturally, she was taken to jail where she got totally bummed when a female officer asked her to take off her hard faux-pomis chonies. Underneath the butt enhancing underwear Roy was wearing another pair of regular underwear stuffed with drugs. I guess you can chalk it up to bum luck that she was caught.

You won't believe how many other female criminals have had the similar ideas. Click through the slide show to see what other things women have tried to smuggle in their nooks, crannies and panties.

Additional reporting by Tanisha Love Ramirez

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No time for modesty 1

No time for modesty

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A trio of women with a taste for expensive timepieces targeted men in Las Vegas wearing Rolexes, got them nice and wasted, accompanied the men to their rooms, let the hanky lead to panky and then made off with the men's watches in their vaginas. Until they got caught, of course.


Weird drug bust 2

Weird drug bust

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A Venezuelan woman was caught trying to smuggle 1.7 kg of cocaine into Spain inside her breast implants earlier this summer. She was stopped by customs officers after they noticed her breasts were an "odd shape." The woman was taken to hospital where surgeons removed the drugs which had a street value of around $1.5 million euros.


Creatively concealed weapon 3

Creatively concealed weapon

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Imagine officers’ surprise when they found a stolen .22 caliber gun hidden inside a suspect’s vagina during a routine body search. Authorities initially arrested the culprit, Dallas Archer, for driving on a suspended license, but now she is also facing charges for possession of stolen property and bringing contraband into the jail.

Victoria's new secret 4

Victoria's new secret

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A 27-year-old student was caught with 20,000 euros stuffed in her underwear, as she tried to board a flight from Heathrow to Turkey in January. Authorities believed she was trying to get the money to a friend's husband, who happens to be a convicted drug dealer and possible jihadist terrorist. She was later cleared of all charges. 


Breaking Vaj 5

Breaking Vaj

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An Oklahoma woman was caught on police cam removing a bag of meth from her vagina before using a precinct restroom. Thankfully, the woman had the sense god gave a rat to flush the baggy. Unfortunately, that didn't stop cops from charging her with destruction of evidence and bringing contraband into a jail.


Grannies nooks and crannies 6

Grannies nooks and crannies

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A 78-year-old woman from Florida was busted last week trying to smuggle $20,000 to the Philippines in her faja. She told police she felt more comfortable carrying the cash around in her undies than sending it to a bank. Go figure.