Swarms of bees sting school children in field trip from hell

Many little second graders were stung by hundreds of yellowjacket bees during a field trip at Apple Island in Orchard, Michigan. The students from West Bloomfield Elementary School were very excited to attend their annual nature trip to the island, but soon were in tears when the bees attacked. Apparently they disturbed a gigantic hive underneath a dock and moments later they were swarmed by the bugs. Twenty of the children were rushed to the nearest hospital and are expected to recover completely.


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Talk about a field trip gone wrong! Wow! I'm sure those poor kids were so excited to visit the island and had no idea everything was going to end as soon as they arrived to the place. The children and the teachers were just getting off the boats on the dock when one of them accidentally stepped on the hive and the bees went crazy. The poor kids had yellowjackes inside their coats and under their clothes.

The teachers reacted quickly and moved the children out of the danger zone and the boats left to safety. They called 911, paramedics and firemen arrived promptly and treated the children. They transport them back to the school and waited for their parents. Children with serious injuries were sent to Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital to receive more treatment. Fortunately, none of the kids developed an allergic reaction and they are all expected to recover. Poor babies!

Can you imagine? My daughter would have been traumatized for life if she had been on that field trip and probably dead too since she is severly allergic. Apple Island is considered a nature santuary and I can see why. The Island is property of the elementary school and the field trip is part of their curriculum. They have done that trip for more than twenty years and never had a problem before aside from few mosquito bites.

This reminds me a little bit of that movie "The Birds" a quiet town that went into chaos when the birds suddenly attacked everyone. If Hitchcock were alive, he would have been inspired by this horrible news. Seriously though, this could have been a catastrophe. Allergic reactions are no joke, take it from me, I have had my fair share of trips to the ER because of bees.

Image via Corbis

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