Faceless woman bravely battles cancer

This victim is lucky to be alive, but her quality of life has been changed forever because of a jealous woman. Faceless woman Dana Vulin suffered third-degree burns after being intentionally set on fire with methylated spirits. It was all sparked by a convicted drug addict named Natalie Dimitrovska, who turned jealous after Dana started talking to her estranged husband Edin at a holiday party. The premeditated horrific attack was all planned to "ruin Dana's pretty face." Now after almost three years of reconstructive surgery, Dana is finally revealing her face and speaking openly about being diagnosed with cervical cancer on top of it all.


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I don't know how this poor woman is able to go on. She sat down with an Australian news channel and revealed what was going through her mind when she was diagnosed with cancer. "I just couldn't believe that, dealing with so much at once, there were times where I thought, how much can one person deal with?" she said. Some people are dealt the crappiest cards in life, but oftentimes those are the strongest types of people.

The night of the attack, Dana recounts hanging out on a sofa and hearing her name being called. Once she was set on fire, she remembers hearing Natalie laughing out loud and then running out of the room. It takes such an evil heartless person to do something like this. In October 2013, the 28-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to 17 years in prison. I personally think she should have gotten a life sentence for committing this horrific crime!

As Dana prepares to fight her battle with cancer, she is looking at the tragedies in her life differently. "I'm going to make this burn my bitch, I'm going to kick it in the face and I am going to rock scars, look hot with my scarred-up body and just make this work." Wow! I love her confidence and determination to move on with life. She also said, "It would've been easier to die but I've never taken the easy road to anything so. It is the hardest, rockiest, biggest mountain you can possibly think of." And she seems to be climbing it.

She was such a beautiful woman before the attack. Watch the video where the faceless woman Dana Vulin removes her mask for the first time: 

Image via Channel Seven

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