Real-life witch tortures little girl


A 49-year-old woman, Geneva Robinson, from Oklahoma City has been charged with child abuse after dressing as a witch and abusing a small girl, 7-years-old, in her charge. The child told authorities that the woman beat, burned and hung her from garage rafters. It is not clear what the relationship between the child and the woman is.

The woman used a whip on the little girl and tied her up. Ms. Robinson was arrested after employees at Griffin Memorial Hospital told authorities that the woman tried to admit the little girl to the hospital.


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The little girl's ankles were striped with infected cuts and she told social services that during torture sessions the "witch" hung her from the rafters in the garage, bound her by a dog leash, beat her with a whip and forced her to sleep with her wrists tied up. It appears that this was not a one time occurrence but an ongoing victimization.

I am not sure who this woman is to this child or where this little girl's parents are but this is definitely not okay. The fact that this woman is dressing up as a witch when torturing this child makes it not only physical abuse, which it so clearly is, but also emotional abuse.

This woman has not only traumatized this child but terrorized her. I don't know how this child will ever trust an adult ever again. Nor do I think that Halloween is something this little girl will ever be able to enjoy. This abuse has irreparably damaged this little girl forever.

This woman disgusts me. If she is not the child's mother or grandmother, I don't know who would have ever left their child in this deviant's hands. If she is the mother, she should have her children taken away from her because she is a monster, more than just a pretend witch. 

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