Paralyzed woman gives birth to miracle baby

Imagine falling from a balcony in a freak accident and being told you could never walk again. A Texas woman experienced just that in 2012 when she fell 16 feet and landed on her head. Paralyzed woman Liz Mitchell was placed in a medically-induced coma and told that she could never walk again. Two years later, Mitchell and her husband Bryan are expecting their first child together. Warning: This miracle story will have you in tears!


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After Liz's life changing accident, she was declared paraplegic by doctors and would be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She told the ABC affiliate WFFA, "One day you wake up and you have a breathing tube in and you realize the body you thought defined who you were is useless." Liz was later transferred to a rehabilitation center where she worked tirelessly at slowly learning how to walk again.

Her husband stood by her side, but was heartbroken at witnessing his wife in so much pain. He said in the report, "It crushed me. It was really defeating, and I lowered my head and I said a prayer. It was the most heartfelt prayer I've ever said." The prayer or positive energy seemed to have helped literally move Liz and bring her back to life. She eventually started wiggling her legs, swimming and being able to walk on her own.

What she went through just gives me the chills! To go from being paralyzed to enjoying life and expecting a baby must be such a life altering experience. Her courage and determination was able to prove doctors wrong.

The couple recently welcomed a baby girl and named her Dorothy Marie, which means "gift of God." Liz told the news channel, "I cannot believe it…It is such a miracle." This little baby is also blessed to have a mom with such warrior strength. 

Image in ABC News

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