Girl has 4kg hair ball blocking her gut - SEE the photo

If you thought the hairballs your pet spits up are bad--think again. An 18-year-old girl from Kyrgyzstan had an emergency surgery to remove a nine pound hairball from her digestive system. How exactly did this massive hair tumor take over her stomach? The teen girl named Ayperi Alekseeva was addicted to chewing her hair and eating wool from her carpet at home. The image of the hairball is too disgusting to even bear…


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When doctors met Ayperi she was suffering from severe stomach pain, malnourishment and dehydration. What the hell did she think would happen from eating so much hair?! The medical experts that handled her case confirmed that they have never seen a human hairball this large--ever. Well, it would be even weirder if there were more cases like this one.   

The surgeon Bahadir Bebezov told reporters that the only way to cure the teen's health issue was to operate. It turns out, Ayperi ate so much hair that her stomach literally exploded. "In fact her stomach was so badly swollen from hair and bits of wool from the carpet that it literally just oozed out as soon as the wall of the stomach was cut," Bebezov said.

I wonder whether her parents knew about her disgusting habit and tried to curb it. Even if they couldn't stop her, I hope she has learned a lesson from all of this. They should have her bury her baby poop-looking hairball and mourn its death because that should be the last time this ever happens to her. The next time she craves hair, she better remember that disgusting thing. Hopefully it makes her want to gag and reach for the fries instead. Oh yeah, and some therapy would help too or whatever.

Image via Corbis

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