Texas Dad sent to jail for OVERPAYING child support!

Clifford HallTexas, what's up, what's going on over there?! I ask because Clifford Hall went to court on Tuesday and found out that he is going to jail for 180 days. For what? Because he was late on his child support. Oh he paid it, he wasn't trying not to pay it, he was just late. Actually, his lawyer says that he even overpaid. So this man, this father is going to jail for six months because he was late on his payments. I'm not saying that he should be late, I'm not saying that it's cool to be late, I'm not saying it needs to be a habitual thing, but what I am saying is how the heck is he going to keep making his payments if you stick him in jail? That makes no sense to me whatsover and there is even more nonsense you won't believe.


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Okay, so the reason that Hall is going to jail is because of a change in the law. Hall's attorney Tyesha Elam says, "Prior to June 2013 a person could not be incarcerated if they got behind on their support and got caught up."

So Hall caught up on his payments, but now he's most likely going to get behind again because he's in jail. What the funk? And when he gets out, what then, does he go right back to jail because he's behind again? Not only that, but if the man currently has a job, I'm pretty sure they aren't going to hold it for him for six months while he does time. Oh and the judge who sentenced him, Judge Lisa Millard, also ordered him to pay around $11,000 in legal fees by May 26, but he'll still be in jail then. How much money does this judge think people make in jail. This makes absolutely no sense to me and sets this man up for a lifetime of failure in the child support area.

I'm with community activist Quanell X who says, " How is this in the best interest of the child. Something is absolutely wrong in the state of Texas and it needs to be corrected." Indeed! Texas, I know you have a lot of bulls over there, but this is too much bull caca. That man needs to be out and working so that he can keep paying his child support. He is not a danger to his child or the community. What is the point of this nonsense? To spend money in the courts and then waste money incarcerating someone who could be supporting himself and helping to support his child? I don't get it, I really don't.

And that poor boy! Are you telling me this kid isn't going to feel some kind of guilt that his dad is being put in jail because of child support payments? Of course it's not the kid's fault, but I you know the boy is going to feel bad. Again ... Texas, what's up?

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