School bus driver kidnaps kids for being annoying

school busA school bus driver who'd had enough with his annoying passengers decided to lock them in the vehicle and refused to let them out as he drove them around town. The kids kept ringing the bell for the driver to stop and when they continued long after the bus driver's patience was through, they were in for the ride of their life. It's as if the bus driver completely forgot what his duty was--to keep the children safe during the commute --and let his temper get the best of him.


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The children, who attended St. John Fisher RC High in Wigan, England, were locked inside the bus after they repeatedly rang the stop button. They yelled and banged on the windows as the driver kidnapped them for an hour-long ride around the town. Needless to say, parents were not amused. This was someone on whom they had trusted to care for their children. While I understand that the kids needed to be taught a lesson in manners, behaving, and not distracting a driver when a vehicle is in motion, that driver should have known better than to put his neck out on the line like that. Did he think that his actions wouldn't be criticized by the parents?

Meanwhile, the bus company is defending the bus driver and they have gone so far as to say they won't provide the school with further service unless the passengers' behavior is addressed. I'm sure the driver is patting himself on the back for having his employer come to his defense, but I really hope he doesn't take it to mean that this is acceptable behavior whenever his kids get out of control. What if something had happened to the children while he was off-route? ¡La gente no piensa! If I were the parent of one of his kidnapped passengers, I'd love to be told that my child misbehaved. After that, let me handle the punishment. Don't kidnap and petrify my child so that then he has issues ever getting on a school bus again!

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