Girl bites into a banana and finds it FILLED with spiders!

Did you know that spiders love bananas? We all do, so it's not surprising that the creepy crawlers love them too! 17-year-old Hannah John didn't know about that when she brought a banana to school. The teenager from Wales was shocked when she took a bite from the healthy snack and found eighty tiny dead spiders inside the banana. The horror!


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If you suffer from arachnophobia (fear of spiders) don't read this article because you probably won't be able to eat a banana again in your life. The teenager said she took a bite of the fruit from her home and brought it school to eat it during science class. When she bit into it, she found what looked like a tissue paper filled with tiny dead spiders. Wow! My skin is crawling just writing about it! Her science teacher got involved and determined that the spiders made a nest inside the fruit and were born in it.

The teacher told Hannah she should toss the banana, but not in the garbage inside the classroom. Ha! I'm sure he is terrified of spiders! Apparently there was a hole in the skin of the fruit and the crawlers went in and made their nest. Nasty! There are so many crazy stories of bizarre animals and objects found inside cooked, canned and packaged foods but I had never heard about this happening in a banana. I've always thought that whatever comes sealed inside a skin was safe to eat, but clearly I was wrong!

I'm just happy that she didn't swallow the nest and then found another one as she was finishing the fruit because that could have been terrifying!! I mean, this is no joking matter; spiders are dangerous insects because they could be poisonous. Lots of people are allergic to them and many have died from spider bites. Luckily, Hannah is fine and aside from almost eating a "compromised" fruit, she is enjoying the attention she had received from the local and international press. Hey, it could have been much worse! So, peel a banana completely before you eat it so you won't find any surprises!


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