Uber driver has dumb excuse for grabbing passenger's boob

Uber driver sticks hand down woman's shirtSome stories make me want to scream and this is one of them. Ramy Botros, a 28-year-old piece of poo working as an Uber driver, picked up a 25-year-old woman around 10:00 pm last Friday. The young woman was leaving a place called Ale House to meet her  boyfriend at his home in Orlando, Florida. Her boyfriend was the one who had ordered the Uber car for her.

Apparently, Botros lost all control of himself around the woman because she was wearing a tank top without a bra. He started driving all funky and telling her that she was "attractive" and "pretty." Then at one point this son of a gun stopped the car and stuck his hand down this woman's shirt! WHAT?!


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Ramy BotrosThe police report says that he "touched her breasts in an aggressive manner." And since the woman wasn't wearing a bra his hand touched her actual breast. Eww! The woman says she told the driver, "Do not touch my boobs or I will hit you in your face!"

After that the woman was of course afraid of Botros, but she did her best to play it off and when she got to where she was going she asked for his business card, which he gave her because he's an idiot who didn't think he had done anything wrong. What Botros didn't know is that she had managed to record part of what happened on her cellphone.

She got in touch with police, picked Botros out of a line up and he was arrested after being questioned. Apparently Botros, who is originally from Egypt thinks he did nothing wrong because according to him in Egypt if a woman dressed the way that the victim was dressed "it means she asking for that." I have NO words!

What further pisses me off about this whole situation is that even though this man is clearly a piece of poo and a danger to women dressed in a way that he thinks gives him permission to abuse them, he was only charged with a misdemeanor and released after posting $500 bail. Oh, and Uber took his driving account away.

How is it okay, to let a person like that walk around like they aren't a danger? You think he's not going to do something like that again or something worse? Ugh!

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