This is what sex really looks like

MRI machine sex VOXWe all have our fair share of crazy hookup stories, but most of ours probably pale in comparison to a couples' who, in the name of science, got their freak on inside of an MRI machine. 

A video clip of the unidentified freaky-deeks surfaced online over the weekend as part of a larger compilation of clips shared by Vox. The video, appropriately titled "Life looks really different through an MRI machine," also features people doing any number of things, from giving birth to casually drinking pineapple juice, inside of an MRI machine. 


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But still, the most eye-opening clip of all is the one of a couple having good ol' missionary sex inside of an MRI machine. Stitching together hundreds of MRI images, the video shows, in graphic detail, exactly what missionary intercourse looks like, from the inside out. It's pretty traumatizing. I don't know, but there's something about watching a penis go THROUGH a person that just makes me feel a little uncomfortable. It's just not my thing. But then again, I'm not sure this clip was meant to be anyone's cup of tea. It was taken as part of a scientific study led by Dutch doctor Pek Van Andel.

Dr. Pek (ha!) and his colleagues took the graphic images in an effort to debunk the myth that the penis takes on an "S" shape while inside a female during intercourse. And while he was at it, he thought he'd see whether the uterus did anything funky, like grow, when aroused. What he found was actually quite interesting. It turns out that the penis does bend a little while doing it's thing in missionary--but not like an "S." Rather, it looks more like a boomerang, which is still kind of scary, if you ask me. Meanwhile, the uterus is pretty chill, even during arousal; it doesn't change in size or anything. Sounds about right. Our lady parts know how to play it cool.

Other than the utterly disturbing MRI sex images (that will forever haunt my dreams), the video also includes clips of people conversing in different languages, as well as a pair of twins having their first sibling rivalry in the womb. That last one is actually pretty adorable.

Though graphic and somewhat disturbing, the overall video is pretty cool. Because MRIs don't use any harmful radiation, like X-rays and CT scans do, MRI machines can be used to capture our biological responses to the most intimate, pleasurable, and even mundane moments of our lives. Boomerang penis aside, I think that's beautiful.   

Images via Vox, Vox/YouTube

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