WATCH: Children catch fire as science experiment goes wrong at museum

experiment goes wrong at museumOn Wednesday at the Discovery Museum in Reno, Nevada a routine science experiment went wrong and injured 13 people, eight of them being children. The experiment is part of a demonstration that is supposed to simulate a smoke tornado, but I don't know what the heck happened because instead the whole thing caught on fire and the fire spread quickly to where there were kids on the floor watching.

The whole thing ... fire, screams and terror was caught on video. It's absolutely horrifying.


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Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez explained on Wednesday that the malfunction caused a "flash" that "entered" some of the children. I don't even understand what that means, but I do understand that some of the kids ended up with burns. Four people were treated at the scene, but seven children and two adults were taken to the hospital.

Jackie Rider is the woman who caught the incident on video and her family was really affected. Her 4-year-old and 6-year-old daughters were treated for second degree burns, her nephew got first degree burns and her niece got it really bad and ended up hospitalized with third degree burns on her face.

Rider says about her niece, "She was on fire, completely on fire ... her hair, her back, her face. My best friend actually tackled her and was putting her face out with her hands." Can you imagine that? That poor child must have been terrified.

The last thing you expect when taking your children to a museum is that you are somehow putting them in danger. If anything, you think that you're being a good parent and giving them an educational experience. I am so sorry that these children had to go through this.

Of course the museum is investigating the incident so that something like this NEVER happens again.

You can check out the footage of the accident here:

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