Little girl trapped inside washing machine, discovered during last rinse cycle

Washing machinesCustomers at a Laundromat in Pasadena, Texas were in terror when they saw the body of a 5-year-old girl stuck inside a running washing machine. The girl was being washed at high speed along with clothes before someone noticed and made the manager unplug the washer. The poor little girl was rushed to the nearest hospital with serious bruises and injuries. According to the latest reports, the little girl is expected to recover.


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I can't imagine the horror of the little girl's grandmother and family members when they realized it was their child stuck inside the machine. One of the customers said she put money into that machine, but moved on to another one when it didn't start the washing cycle. Probably by that point the little one was already inside and that was the reason the machine didn't work properly.  The woman said she got a refund and the operator put an "out of order" sign on the machine.

Somehow the washing machine started working because when costumers finally discovered the little girl, the machine was in the last minutes of the high speed rinse cycle. Crazy! I think laundromats and kids are a bad combination because those machines are quite tempting for them. They think the machines are the perfect hiding place. We just have to extra careful with the kids when we go out to do the laundry to avoid this type of accident. We've heard this kind of news before and not all have a happy ending. It could be  deadly!

Fortunately, this little girl will fully recover and her relatives are going to be able to see her grow. According to the police, it was an accident and no charges were pressed against any of the child's relatives. I'm sure the sweet little girl won't be able to visit another Laundromat soon or at least until she forgets about her scary experience.

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