Dead baby found in high school toilet

dead baby found in high school bathroomWoodrow Wilson High School in Dallas, Texas was swarmed by police on Friday when a dead baby was found in one of the bathrooms. Sometime around 2:30 p.m. a student notified a janitor that there was a dead fetus in the girls' bathroom on the second floor. Police came after being called and the bathroom was treated as a crime scene. Campus surveillance video is being reviewed and police are talking to teachers as well, to see if the suspect can be identified.

This is crazy! Does it mean that a student gave birth in the bathroom and just left the baby there?


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The bathroom where the baby was found may also be used by teachers, but is really mostly visited by students. Police are hoping that someone comes forward with the identity of the mother. There is even hope that the actual mother turns herself in.

I find this heartbreaking on so many levels. First of all, thinking of a terrified teenager giving birth in a bathroom stall and leaving the baby there is awful. I also can't help but feel compassion for the one or possibly more teens who had to see the dead baby in the toilet. And I'm sure the entire school is traumatized. The school has brought in additional counselors to help the students and staff. I really hope that students and teachers benefit from speaking to the counselors.

I don't have enough information to know whether that baby was stillborn or alive at the time of birth, but of course, I feel exasperated thinking that the baby is dead and could have possibly been saved. Especially since this happened in a place where there is a Baby Moses law, which means that a baby can be dropped off at certain designated sites, no questions asked and without it being a crime. It's so sad to imagine that this child could have been handed over and taken care of, but instead now the child is dead and the mother is a suspect.

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