Man decapitates himself after fighting with ex-wife

A Chicago man decapitated himself after getting into a fight with his estranged wife in Virginia on Tuesday. When authorities arrived at the scene to answer a domestic dispute call, they discovered the 46-year-old man in a Ford Explorer attached to a trailer nearby, which was on fire.

When firefighters approached the vehicle they discovered that the driver had a cable wire wrapped around his neck that was also tied to a nearby tree. The officers begged the man to surrender, but instead he hit the gas. The car crashed and he was decapitated instantly.  


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Police have not revealed the name of the deceased man or the ex-wife since the case was declared a suicide. Sheriff Danny Diggs told The Associated Press, "Nobody has ever heard of anything like this. It's a really bizarre incident." You can say that again! I honestly didn't even realize this was possible.Cops confirmed that the man had separated from his wife, but moved from Chicago to Virginia to try to work things out and avoid divorce.

The victim stayed over his estranged wife's place the night before, but was asked to find his own place the following morning. That could have been what caused this man to snap. If that was the case, I wish that he would have confided in a close family member or friend about his issues before taking his own life. The saddest part of this whole affair? The couple had a teenage daughter and son together. Killing yourself in this way should never be the solution--especially when you are leaving behind two innocent children.

Police confirmed that the wife and children were nearby, but did not witness the decapitationI'm sure this mother is going to have to face tremendous guilt for what happened. Worst yet, their children will probably never recover from this tragic loss. Hopefully they seek counseling together and find some peace after this horrific incident. 

Image via Corbis

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