Nurse takes shocking selfies moments after stabbing

Naomi GreensladeNaomi Greenslade is a 22-year-old dental nurse from Wales who was volunteering in orphanages in Morocco was brutally stabbed by a robber while she was making her way back to where she was staying after a night out in Marrakesh. It's not an exaggeration to say that she narrowly avoided death and the crazy thing is that she wasn't even alone. She was with a group of friends, which included three men when the brazen robber approached her and  put a butcher knife to her chest. She says, "I knew he wanted my bum bag which I had around my waist. I refused to give it to him. He tried to plunge the knife into my chest but I managed to jump back. But he slashed me."

Oh, he more than slashed her! He cut a huge gash from her left hip and down her thigh. You are not going to believe the images. Be warned that they are very graphic and upsetting.


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Naomi GreensladeOMG, this person cut her up like a slab of meat. I have no doubt that if Greenslade hadn't managed to jump back, he would have stabbed her in the chest and she may not have lived to tell this story. Immediately after the stabbing Greenslade says, "I began feeling very faint and slumped to the floor. The guys took their tops off and wrapped my leg up tight - they kept me awake until the ambulance arrived."

I am incredibly impressed by this young woman's resilience. She posted images of herself on social media getting stitched up as everything was happening. Not only that, but you would think that after being attacked in such a horrifying way, she would head home as soon as possible, but she didn't. Instead she chose to stay and says, "I came out here to work with orphans and I have managed to visit a baby center despite my injuries." Bless her! Even though she didn't leave early, she does say the attack has shaken her confidence and she won't be going back to Morocco. Totally understandable.

Someone has been arrested and charged with attempted murder over the attack.

Images via naomi.greenslade, kayne.greenslade/Facebook

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