Mexican woman sliced open pregnant friend's belly

Nadia Avila was eight-months pregnant when she arrived at her friend Maria Rodriguez's home in Tepic, Mexico, to pick up clothes for her unborn baby. The visit quickly took a horrific turn. Avila was reportedly beaten unconscious and stabbed in the stomach by Rodriguez, who was trying to steal the unborn baby from the womb. Rodriguez revealed even darker details about the grisly homicide. Her confession will give you chills...


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The 29-year-old murderer told investigators that she offered baby clothes to Avila as a way to lure her in and steal her baby. Rodriguez met the victim while she was taking her son to school. In a taped video confession, Rodriguez admitted:

When I covered her mouth, she bit me and then I took her hands behind her back to defend myself, but I did not kill her then. She was shouting, asking me to leave her in peace. Then I beat her again and she fell to the ground unconscious and then I opened her belly.

The poor victim lay helpless as Rodriguez desperately and coldheartedly ripped the baby from the mother's belly. She told police, "But I could not take the baby. I tried but it was impossible and the baby came out dead."

Rodriguez decided to call the paramedics since she hatched up a plan to tell her family that "her baby" was a stillborn. That makes her even more evil! The killer also told authorities she was "obsessed" with having a baby and didn't know how to reveal to her family that she wasn't really pregnant.  

This woman is a demon! It really takes a very sick person to commit a crime this brutal. Rodriguez was willing to kill a mother and her unborn child for her own selfish obsession. Worse yet, she doesn't sound remorseful about the act. People like this cannot be rehabilitated--they just can't. I hope she serves a life sentence for the murder she committed. My heart goes out to Avila and her precious baby. May they rest in peace.   

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