Nurse rapes 2-month-old baby & there are no words

Bebé abusadoJust be warned, this post may make you simultaneously sick to your stomach and overcome with blind rage. Michael Lutts, a 50-year-old male pediatric nurse in San Diego County, was arrested for sexually molesting a prematurely born 2-month-old baby in his foster care and taking cell phone pics and video of the entire thing while it was happening. The images and video show graphic and REPEATED acts of molestation over several weeks, "with the baby crying throughout one video."


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Michael Lutts was arrested Tuesday after a search of his home revealed hundreds of child-pornography images and videos on his computer and other media.

Okay, there has to be a special place in hell for perverts like him. Not only is he a pedophile, somehow he has spent his life positioning himself in places where he has constant and intimate contact with children. He so callously molested this child in his care and had the nerve to record and take photos of his actions. You have to wonder how many children he has abused in his lifetime?

He is in contact with kids every single day. How many "accidental" grazes and "unintentional" touches was he allowed to make in those 50 years under the guise of being an advocate of children's health? How many times has he made children feel uncomfortable and compromised? How many children's trust has been betrayed? The thought of it makes me want to vomit.

The heinous disregard with which he took in this already vulnerable infant only to use him as his own personal sex slave is beyond depravity. He doesn't even deserve to coexist in our society. He needs to be locked up for the rest of his life.

This wasn't some 21-year-old guy who got caught sleeping with his 17-year-old girlfriend. There is no confusion that this could have ever been consensual. This sick, depraved individual made a conscious choice to sexually abuse a prematurely born infant in HIS CARE. He has crossed so many borders of trust that if this child remembers any of this, he will be irreparably damaged mentally, aside from whatever physical damage has already been done. Michael Lutts deserves nothing less than to spend the rest of his life being abused in the same way he abused this baby--against his will and in the most heinous way possible with a total disregard of his humanity.

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