Babysitter from hell stomps toddler to death

Police tape crimeAthena Skeeter is every parent's worst nightmare. The 40-year-old licensed child care provider from the Bronx is being accused of manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child after she allegedly wrestled a toddler in her home, stomped on his helpless body three times, tossed him in a bathtub filled with freezing cold water and then went food shopping. The innocent 20-month-old victim, Cardell Williamson, was pronounced dead at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Now new gruesome details are being uncovered about this poor child's death. 


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According to court documents, Skeeter confessed to wrestling with Williamson before placing him on the floor and stepping on his stomach without using "full force." She says she placed her son on top of the victim's and stepped on his stomach. She said, "He threw up. His head kept tilting." Her account of the story is infuriating! Not only was she insanely abusive, but she decided to include her own son in her murderous act.

When police responded to a 911 call at the residence, the poor toddler was lying on a bed and struggling to breathe. The medical examiner ruled Williamson's death a homicide and the perpetrator is being held without bail. She is due back in court on Thursday. Apparently, Skeeter left out some disgusting details about her actions.

Isliel Hayward-Barnes, a 12-year-old who lives in the neighborhood, told the NY Daily News that he witnessed Williamson's lifeless body when he helped Skeeter bring up groceries. After seeing Cardell naked, wet and with masking tape on his face, Barnes claims that Skeeter threatened him. "She told me if I ever told anyone she'd kill me," he said. He ended up telling his mom, who called the police. This sick woman could have saved this kid's life if she had called 911 in time! This sure doesn't sound like a remorseful woman.

The father of the victim, Carlyle Williamson, says that he heard of Skeeter's day care services through a back-to-work program provided by the city of New York. Williamson was a recovering drug addict who was trying to get his life back together and took advantage of the free day-care program. No one could have guessed that this tragedy would have happened. Hopefully Skeeter will never see the light of day for the horrific crime she reportedly commited. 

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