Couple repeatedly rape teen to get her pregnant & steal her baby

alabama couple rapes teenI'm beginning to lose all faith in humanity. An Alabama couple who wanted a baby repeatedly raped a mentally incapacitated teen in a bid to get her pregnant and steal her baby.

Court records reveal Jeremy Swann raped the unidentified teen multiple times in the hopes of using the woman as an unwilling surrogate. At one point, a bone-chilling report reveals the 29-year-old even gagged the victim with a ball to keep her from screaming as he sexually assaulted her. But, it turns out, he needn't have worried about the young woman's cries for help disturbing anyone in the household. 


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Investigators say both Jeremy's wife, Amanda Swann, and his live-in mother, 57-year-old Dianna Swann, were well aware of what was going on in their home. In fact, according to court documents, Jeremy's 28-year-old wife would watch as he raped his young victim and even help her to the bathroom afterwards.

In an ironic twist of fate, the case came to light when the couple tried to assume legal custody of the young woman on the grounds that Amanda's mother was sexually assaulting her. When investigators came to their home to interview the teen, she told them Jeremy had raped her six times over the course of a month.  

All three members of this abusive family have been arrested. The couple was arraigned on Monday and held on $500,000 bond each. Both Jeremy and Amanda have been charged with first-degree rape. Meanwhile, Jeremy's mommy dearest has was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly knowing what was going on and failing to intervene.

The girl, whose name is being withheld from the press, never did get pregnant. Thank goodness.

What is wrong with this Texas Chainsaw Masacre-esque family? I understand wanting to have a baby, but this is not the way you go about it. Thousands of couples struggle to conceive a baby of their own each year, but rarely do they ever stoop to such lows as to try and steal someone's baby. And who in their right mind sexually assaults a teen with the purpose of making her their unwilling surrogate? 

I honestly feel terrible for the couple's defense attorney. I would think there's no way in hell a jury or judge is going to rule in their favor. I hope this couple rots in jail for what they've done.

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