Pope Francis' relatives including 2 babies die in terrible car accident

Tragedy knocks on the door of beloved Pope Francis and he asks Catholics around the world to unite in prayer with him. The Pontiff's nephew Emanuel Bergoglio was returning from a holiday retreat in Argentina when he hit a tractor trailer from behind, killing his wife and his two small children instantly. The family was rushed to the nearest hospital after the collision ... but only Bergoglio survived and is in critical condition.


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According to police, the fatal accident occurred on the highway between the Argentinian cities of Rosario and Cordoba. The impact was so strong that the small car lost control and the crash killed Bergoglio's wife, 2-year-old child and 8-month-old baby. This is so incredibly sad! I can only imagine how devastated Pope Francis, his brother and the entire family must be about this tragedy.

It's never easy to hear this kind of news because it reminds us how easily everything in our lives can change. I can't even imagine what the Pope's nephew will go through if he gets out of the hospital alive and finds that his entire family is gone. Reverend Federico Lombardi, the spokesperson of the Vatican, said in a statement that Pope Francis is devastated about the news and ask for the prayers and support of the Catholic community. We shall all unite in prayer and wish for ways to cope with this unimaginable tragedy. The Lord always tests our faith, and I'm sure this one is probably one of the hardest for Pope Francis and his family.

I'm sending my heartfelt condolences to Emmanuel, his father and Pope Francis. I hope they find in the Catholic faith the support to deal with this unspeakable loss.

Imagen via Pope Francis/Twitter

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