Brutal beating of autistic teen caught on tape will enrage you (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

It happened during a house party last weekend. Aaron Hill, a 16-year-old autistic teen, was brutally beaten by 18-year-old Andrew Wheeler in Okeechobee, Florida. The horrific incident was caught on tape and the video went viral after being uploaded to Facebook. Wheeler was arrested and now people all over the world are understandably outraged and demand justice for Aaron. 


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The graphic video shows a cowering Hill on the floor, covering his head with his arms as Wheeler goes at him time and again with both his hands and knees. At one point, Wheeler grabs him by the hair and pulls him across the room while Hill wails in pain and horror. Disgusting doesn't even begin to describe this video.

The most disturbing part is that no one does anything to stop the beating. Not the person filming the attack or the others around him, including a woman identified as Evadean Lydecker Dailey whom police have arrested for buying alcohol for minor and allowing her to have an open house party at her home. 

According to the police report, Hill had gotten drunk and passed out. Wheeler was asked to get him to leave, but beat him, choked him and even held a knife to his throat instead. Hill eventually left and was later found unconscious by police in the street.

I'm horrified by the abuse and by how little compassion some people seem to have. I will never understand it and I hope that this unacceptable incident serves to make sure other abusers know that their bullying won't be tolerated. #JusticeForAaron

Image via YouTube

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