Mexican family tortures doctor who delivered stillborn baby

CrimeMexican police are investigating what appears to be a revenge attack on a female gynecologist who delivered a stillborn baby just three weeks ago.

Dr. Sabrina Mota's nightmare began when she was kidnapped just outside of the hospital where she works in Zamora, Mexico. According to local Mexican police, the 30-year-old doctor was then taken to her own home, where she was forced to take muscle relaxers to stop her from fighting back as her attackers hacked at her ovaries and cut off two of her fingers. Adding insult to such cruel injuries, Mota's attackers also made her scrawl a message of warning to her colleagues in her own blood before she was chained up and left for dead.


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Fortunately, Mota was eventually able to break out of her drug-induced haze and scream for help, alerting her neighbors who came to her rescue. Paramedics arrived at the scene to find Mota bleeding to death. By some miracle, Mota survived the terrible ordeal, which appears to have been an "eye for an eye" attack.

One of the medics on the scene found an ominous note left by the attackers saying, "The doctors who murdered my son will be next," leading investigators to believe the attack was carried out by the relatives of a woman whose stillborn baby Mota had delivered three weeks ago. According to one of Mota's colleagues, the baby's family recently showed up at the hospital accusing Mota of killing the child. "People often threaten doctors when things go wrong," explained Mota's colleague, "but this family we now know clearly meant it."

Police are investigating the crime and are looking for the mother and her relatives who have been MIA since the attack. How very suspicious.

I'm truly at a loss for words. How anyone could deliberately mutilate another human being is beyond me. It's sick and depraved. I understand that the family in question was perhaps searching for answers, but they won't get them by mutilating and murdering another human being. Hurting Mota won't bring the baby back.

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