Mother kills herself minutes after her baby dies mysteriously

ambulance deathKayelisa Martin committed suicide minutes after her 14-month-old baby, Omoyele Gonzalez, died mysteriously and unexpectedly at home. The death of her baby was too much to bear for the 20-year-old mom and in an act of madness she went to a busy interstate and jumped in front of a semi-trailer. She died instantly from her injuries and the police and family members are trying to understand what caused the baby's death.


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Martin was a loving mother and she enjoyed spending time with little Omoyele and that's probably why when the baby died, she was left feeling suicidal. The coroner's office in Canton, Ohio hasn't been able to identify the cause of death of the toddler. X-ray and exams performed on the baby's body returned inconclusive. The baby didn't show signs of physical abuse or trauma and the authorities found baby's body in his crib. The medical examiner also determined that the baby wasn't suffering from any viral or bacterial infection. It's really weird, clearly the baby died from something, but what?

You might think I'm jumping the gun here, but I think there's a high chance this poor mother killed her child. Apparently the two of them had gotten into a car accident a couple of days before around 6:30 a.m. When confronted by the police, she said that she had lost control of the vehicle, which makes me think think she probably had postpartum depression and somehow felt she couldn't take care of her child. So sad when something like this goes untreated and undetected!

Even though family members have not come forward or been identified, they knew her life was in danger the moment she ran off after the baby's death. The police questioned Omoyele's father and determined that the man had nothing to do with the death of the baby. He didn't live in the same house and was shocked and devastated about the news.

Gary Guenther, the investigator in charge of the case revealed on Friday that young Keyelisa's cause of death was "blunt force trauma to the head and torso." Poor girl! My heart goes out to her and anyone suffering from any kind of mental illness. She must have lived moments of pure horror! R.I.P Kayelisa and Omoyele, your family and loved ones will miss you dearly.

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