Psychopath spends all day beating his girlfriend for worst reason ever

A 27-year-old man from Florida Keys has been arrested after allegedly beating his girlfriend and harming his dog. Carlos Gascon woke up Friday morning upset with his girlfriend. He beat and cut her and even threatened to kill her. But the reasoning behind his domestic abuse was completely unfair. Wait until you hear what triggered this A-hole to hit this woman!


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Gascon was so violent with his girlfriend, I don't know how he didn't manage to kill her. He beat her, he cut the back of her leg with a knife, he poured hot coffee on her, he choked her and even slammed her body down on a glass table that eventually shattered. And all because he had a dream that she cheated on him. Yes, a DREAM! Can you believe that?

This man was so upset he even slammed his dog into the ground before choking it with his foot. What kind of person would do something like that? The poor woman was so beat up she couldn't even call for help until 6:45 that afternoon. Which means this man spent the entire day hitting her. She waited for him to pass out before she finally called police. Gascon was arrested and charged with an aggravated assault, battery charges, false imprisonment and animal cruelty. He's also being held on a $265,000 bail at the Monroe Cunty Jail.

I've always said that a man who lays a finger on a woman isn't just a jerk but a coward. But a man who hits his woman all because he had a dream that she cheated on him is a freaking psycho path—I'm sorry! He could have killed her for crying out loud. Gascon needs to stay behind bars and his girlfriend needs to make sure she never sees this creep again!

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