Ghost in haunted house attacks owners & you have to SEE the chilling footage

Haunted house Many families across America claim to live in haunted homes, but very few ghosts or demons are actually caught on video like the ones living in DeAnna Simpson's home. She, her husband and their cat have been scratched, pinched and even pushed down the stairs by the evil forces roaming her house day and night. Simpson calls the ghost "The Shadow Man" ...wait till you hear more about this thing and watch the spine-chilling footage


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Supposedly, the ghost or demon, or whatever it is, stands 7 feet tall and he's claimed the second floor and the basement of the house. Shudder.

Simpson invited the camera crew of a network after she recorded several images of an orb, a hand and even a "come here" voice whispered from beyond. She is convinced that all the spirits in her home are evil beings whose only mission is to terrorize her. Apparently there is a long history of violent deaths in the home. It's not really clear if the Simpsons knew about the dark past before they purchased the property in Hanover, Pennsylvania seven years ago.

Understandably, Simpson lives in fear since she knows the demons are not part of her imagination. She has tangible evidences of their presence and some bruises to show for it. She thinks the spirits haunting her house are not human and never were.

Simpson says she is afraid all the time and sometimes she doesn't even sleep in her bedroom because the demon is there ready to push her. She has invited a parade of mediums, exorcists, priests and spiritual people to her home and no one had been able to get rid of the things. When asked if she would move, she said it was out of the question because she had invested a lot of money in the house.

The hairs behind my neck are completely on end! I'm sorry, but I would have run away from that house a long time ago. She is incredibly BRAVE!! I guess she will have to list this Shadow Man as a long term tenant if she ever decides to sell her occupied home. Watch the video for yourself--but remember, I warned you!

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