Woman cuts off excorsist's penis after he raped her

Scissors cutA woman in a village in India did the unthinkable to a man that she thought would help her heal. Apparently, the woman fell ill and was suffering hallucinations and many other things that prevented her from getting sleep and having a normal life. Somehow the answer to all her health problems came in the form of an exorcist. I'm sure you are picturing Father Merrin from the famous movie, but you are wrong. This exorcist was just a crook of a healer in the town of Bihar. Basically the creep was a family member who bragged about his powers to get rid of demons, but in reality he was a rapist.


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When the girl met him the first time the man molested her and threatened her with her life if she mentioned anything. The same old story, right? The innocent girl abused by a family member and the abuse goes on for years because of her fear. Well, not in this case. When the rapist asked his victim to go for a second "consultation," the brave girl went armed with a recording device and a knife.

Good for her! This brave girl deserves a standing ovation. When the man tried to rape her again, the woman jumped on top of him and chopped his penis off. I feel beyond proud of this girl because men in that country need to understand that women are not disposable beings or walking vaginas up for grabs! We are not strangers to the horrors many women in India's impoverished regions face with rape. The situation is so out of control that the United Nations is finally getting involved. It seems that very few women are able to take charge and defend themselves, a few, but not all.

According to the local police, the amputated man vanished and the authorities are looking for him. I'm sure the guy will not go that far, he'll have to turn up somewhere looking for medical assistance unless he dies from the wound before that happens.

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