Mom didn't know her son was dead until his body started to smell

Kimberly Tutko says she had no idea her son had died until 4 days after the fact when the smell of his decomposing body became too much to ignore. At that point, she asked her husband Jarrod Tutko what the smell was and the father returned with their dead 8-year-old son wrapped in a blanket and laid his body on the bathroom floor.

It's a story that's almost too horrifying to believe, but Kimberly doesn't think we should judge. "I'm being picked on for being a bad mom: 'Oh you didn't know that something was wrong with him?' I didn't, because every single day, it was a normal routine," Kimberly told CBS affiliate WHP-TV.


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Kimberly and Jarrod had six kids, most of whom required intensive medical care and apparently had divided the labor between their two kids who needed round-the-clock care. Kimberly watched their 6-year-old daughter, who is autistic and in a vegetative state, eats through a feeding tube and is blind. The little girl was confined to a hospital bed on the second floor of the home while Jarrod Jr. (their 8-year-old who died) was kept in a room on the third floor.

Jarrod Jr. was severely mentally disabled, suffering from a variety of ailments ranging from autism to Fragile X Syndrome, a genetic defect that causes intellectual, behavioral and learning challenges. His father was charged with his care and watched him while his mother cared for his sister. "My daughter relies on me," Kimberly Tutko said. "I take care of her and my husband takes care of Jarrod Jr."

Kimberly said Jarrod Jr. was incredibly hard to handle and would rip up his flooring and carpeting as well as smear his feces all over the walls. He also refused to wear a diaper and couldn't attend school because loud noises bothered him according to his mother.

The other children, ages 13, 12, 10, and 3 were removed from the home after Kimberly called 911 upon seeing her sons decomposed body. As to why her husband waited so long to tell anyone Jarrod Jr. had died, Kimberly admitted, "I said to him 'Why didn't you say anything? He said he was too afraid to say anything because of other kids in the house."

It's hard to believe that a mother wouldn't realize that one of her own children was dead for over four days, no matter who their primary caretaker is. But it also seems like the Tuttko's were clearly overwhelmed with all of their special needs children. It also seems kind of crazy that so many of their would require special care. Either way, cops are still working to get to the bottom of what caused Jarrod Jr's death and are waiting on autopsy results.

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