Disabled baby abandoned by parents who only wanted healthy twin sister

Gammy abandoned by Australian parentsHow do I even begin to tell you Gammy's story? He's only 6 months old and already has quite a story to tell. Gammy and his twin sister were born to a 21-year-old Thai surrogate named Pattharamon Janbua. Pattharamon was paid to be a surrogate via IVF by an Australian couple who could not conceive, but when they found out that one of the twins that Pattharamon was carrying had Down's syndrome, they wanted her to abort. Abortion goes against Pattharamon's Buddhist beliefs, so she could not bring herself to do it.

When the babies were born, the Australian couple took the healthy little girl and abandoned Gammy who not only has Down's syndrome, but other medical issues that need attention. So who's taking care of Gammy now?


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Pattharamon is married and she and her husband are caring for the child. She says, "I know he isn't genetically connected to me but I carried him for nine months. Every time I look at him I feel sorry and guilty."

Gammy has a congenital heart condition. He needs medical care that Pattaramon cannot afford. Pattharamon became a surrogate out of dire financial need. A "Hope for Gammy" fund raising page has been set up where donations are being taken to help with expenses for Gammy.

I was about to go into this whole tirade about how I can't believe the Australian couple would separate twins or that they could be so heartless as to abandon a child, but then I went to the donations page for Gammy and saw in the comments section that he is not well. One of the comments that was recently posted says, "Smh and news.com.au are reporting he has been rushed to hospital with a serious lung infection? :-("

Oh no, that sweet little boy is really having a rough time. Let's all keep him in our thoughts, please.

I have no doubt that the couple who abandoned this child will get their comeuppance. For now, they don't deserve our thoughts, Gammy does. Gammy needs our collective prayers. Let's keep him and his twin sister in our hearts and minds and if you can help financially please visit Gammy's fundraising page.

Image via GoFundMe

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