Teen killed by her own hair!

caterina alzettaIt turns out driving with your hair down and the window open can be disastrous: Caterina Alzetta, a gorgeous 19-year-old Italian teen, was driving with her brother Pietro when her hair got tangled in the steering wheel making her lose control of the vehicle and crash. Unfortunately, her injuries were too serious and Caterina died hours later in the local hospital in the town of Montereale Valcellina.


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Who would have thought that long hair could be that dangerous? According to the surviving brother, the problem started when Caterina rolled down the window in the middle of the highway. Apparently the wind made her hair go wild and it got caught in the steering wheel. When her hair got caught, she made a sudden move to free herself making her go in the opposite lane and into upcoming traffic. Alzetta's father, who is the head of the ambulance rescue and emergency servicse in the town, said that they had to cut his kids free from the tangled mess.

Poor girl. I mean, we all have driven with the window open and the hair in our face. I see it all the time in the summer with people in their convertibles. It's so incredibly sad.

The middle aged brothers Alzetta hit were also hospitalized, but are expected to recover. I don't want to sound superstitious, but it seems like it was her time to go. She didn't make any mistakes, she wasn't drinking or driving recklessly, she just had her hair tangled in the wheel. Devastating! I guess we can learn from her tragic story and keep our hair up when we drive. Rest in peace Caterina!

Image via Caterina Alzetta/Facebook

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