WATCH: Heart-stopping video of 2 women nearly killed by train

Take a deep breath! I don't really know if these two women are spiritual, religious or if they believe in miracles, but I'm assuming that after their near death experience, they will be. You have to see this video to believe what I'm talking about because it's really hard to swallow. The nail biting footage from the security camera of a train in motion shows two women struggling to get out of the train's way and failing. The next thing you know the women were drowned by the engine, but a miracle happened you won't believe--you just have to see it!


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The women miraculously walk away without a scratch. Can you believe it? The video shows the approaching train cruising along an elevated track in Indiana. Your eyes are focused on the river down below with the beautiful trees surrounding the track on both sides--when suddenly you see these two figures trying to run out of the train's way. The problem is tje track is 8 feet high, so there are two options: jump or let the train hit you.  In the middle of the commotion, one of the women falls and we see the other going back to help her and then silence. The engine is on top of them. 

Just like in the movies, the women managed to crawl under the engine and were able to get out and run for their lives after the train stopped. That was close though! Clearly, these two women love extreme situations and are adrenaline junkies because I couldn't do anything like that even if I was paid a fortune. Call me chicken, but I'd rather be on the train and not out on the tracks. Obviously the girls didn't check the train schedule before they decided to go on their adventure. Thankfully, they are fine, safe and alive and the only thing they have to deal with is a lawsuit from the railroad company for trespassing private property.  

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