April Millsap tweets "OMG I think I'm being kidnapped" before being murdered

Stories like this one are heart wrenching and super creepy. April Millsap was innocently walking her dog in a rural town north of Detroit last Thursday, and never returned home to her family. The 14-year-old's dog named Penny helped investigators discover her lifeless body located in the woods off of the Macomb Orchard Trail.

According to a report by ABC's WXYZ, police confirmed that the young teen, who recently graduated from middle school, sent a cryptic text to her boyfriend before the murder that read, "OMG…I think I am being kidnapped." So chilling… 


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I can only imagine the fear and anguish the young teen must have faced. Homicide detectives are keeping details of the murder scene private, but they did reveal to reporters that Millsap was neither stabbed or shot.

Police have received more than 500 tips and have a released a sketch of the subject they believe could have been involved. Local investigators have also enlisted help from the FBI to try to solve the cold case.

Her family must be devastated and heart broken right now. Millsap was expected to begin high school in the fall. Now her parents will never watch her graduate, get married or start a family of her own.

Worst yet, her boyfriend must have felt so hopeless when he received her desperate tweet, which she probably hoped would have saved her. Hearing of cases like these where the victims let out a last cry for help makes the horror even more intense, knowing that they had an idea of what was happening during their possible last moments. It's enough to give anyone nightmares.

I just wish more could be known and that police are able to find out exactly what happened and bring whoever did this to justice. This is a true tragedy that will haunt Millsap's family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully the suspect is caught before he hurts anyone else in the community. 

Image via ABC's WXYZ

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