WATCH: Shocking video of child firing a huge grenade launcher will give you chills

video of kid shooting an RPGListen, I'm not going to lie to you, I'm very ignorant about certain things. When I first came across this video of a child firing an RPG, I had no idea what an RPG is so I had to go look it up to find out that it stands for rocket-propelled grenade. Wow! An RPG is basically a shoulder-firing contraption loaded with an explosive meant to be used against tanks. That thing is not a toy.

Okay then, that would lead the mother and rational human being in me to assume that it is not a piece of equipment that should be put in a child's hands and yet, here is a video of a very small child shooting one of these things and it is pretty gosh darn appalling, not to mention BEYOND dangerous.


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This all happens on a beach in Lebanon. Two men help this little kid set up the weapon that is literally bigger than him. WTF?! Then one scampers out of the frame while the other stands off to the side and the child fires the things. This thing does not fire smoothly, it seems to freakin' explode and I'm a little surprised the little boy was not knocked off his feet. This child could have easily hurt himself or someone else. Again, WTF?!

When the child is done firing the thing and the smoke dissipates a bit, you see the man who is standing by him affectionately go to him and filled with pride plant a kiss on the child's face. What exactly is this child being taught and why? How I wish he would have been flying a kite instead of firing a weapon of war.

Image via Live Leak