Single mom dies trying to save little boy from drowning

This woman was a true hero. Karen Wessel died while trying to save a little boy from drowning in a northern Wisconsin Lake earlier this week. The 47-year-old woman was on vacation at the lake with her sister, a friend and four children. Tragedy struck once three of those boys swam to a sandbar, but got tired and needed help swimming back to shore. The suburban mom decided to jump in to save them, but lost her life before a rescuer came on scene.


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She was joined by her sister Janice Potocki and her friend Karen Altamore. The women managed to get two of the boys out of the water safely, but Potocki and Wessel went back for the third boy. It turned out to be a deadly decision. 

Potocki told the media that she noticed her sister getting tired, but she was still determined to save the little boy's life. Wessel managed to swim underneath the boy and push him to the surface. A passerbyer on a boat noticed the terrible situation and pulled the boy to safety. Unfortunately, Wessel never made it up alive.

"The world needs heroes, and I'm sorry it was my sister, but the world needs them," Potocki told the local news. This story just breaks my heart. Without a second thought, the single mom of two jumped into the lake to save children that weren't even her own. That is such a selfless and heroic act.

Losing a parent is tough no matter what, but I can't imagine losing my mom in this tragic way. I hope their mom is honored by the community and that her story of heroism inspires others. That way, her memory will live on.

Image via NBC 5

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