Abigail Hernandez: Missing teen back home after 9 months & no one knows what happened

Abigail hernandez desparecidaLast October we reported the story of Abigail Hernandez--a 15-year-old girl who had mysteriously vanished from her hometown of North Conway, New Hampshire on her way home from school. Now, nine months later, Abigail has just as mysteriously returned home--but her family as well as authorities have yet to explain what went on during those nine months.


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What we do know is that Abigail made contact with friends and/or family at least twice within the first month she was missing. Just a few hours after she disappeared, she sent out text messages and late in October, she wrote and sent a letter to her mother who received the letter early in November. Very few details were released about these communication as authorities did not want media exposure to affect their investigation. 

For very good reasons, her mother, Zenya Hernandez, as well as the rest of her family remained hopeful that Abigail would make it safely back home. Zenya has worked hand-in-hand with investigators over the past several months and even created a website with information about Abby, where people could go to print out flyers to hang as well as submit tips or any information they had about the missing teen. As of July 22, the statement on the site reads:

Abby is safely home with her mom and sister!! Family requests privacy right now. Thank you to everyone who has shared fliers, offered help and support. We cant thank you enough!! We will keep you all updated. THANK YOU!!!

While it is absolutely wonderful and hope-inspiring to know that Abigail has been safely returned to her family, there is obviously a lot more to this story than what the public is being told. Whatever actually went on is likely to be a personal matter, as authorities would be obligated to warn the community of any imminent threats, particularly if there was a kidnapper or sex offender on the loose. I for one, can't ignore the fact that she was missing for just over nine month--the exact length of a full-term pregnancy. Whether that would mean she found out she was pregnant just before disappearing and returned home several weeks after giving birth or she got pregnant right after she went missing and returned home immediately. Again, we know nothing, but one can't help but wonder. 

Hopefully though, the Hernandez family has closure and can will be able to mend their lives quickly so they can return to normalcy. 

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