Newborn starves to death because parents were too busy playing video games

In another story of awful parenting, a South Korean couple let their baby starve to death for the stupidest reason ever! The parents were too busy taking care of their virtual baby to tend to their real one until their video game addiction killed their child. Kim Jae-beom and his wife, Kim Yun-jeong, neglected their 3-month-old Sarang, who was born prematurely, and when they noticed that their child had died, do you think they called authorities for help? Nope! They conducted a online search for funeral arrangements instead! Some people have completely lost touch with reality, I swear.


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The tragedy happened in 2009, but an HBO documentary titled Love Child (out July 28) is revisiting the incident and investigating the gaming obsession that's taken over South Korea. Jae-beom and Yun-jeong were gaming for 6- to 12-hour stretches taking care of their virtual daughter Anima in a game called Prius. Meanwhile, back in the real world, little Sarang must have been crying out for her parents all night long and not getting the attention she needed. She was born weighing 6.4 pounds and dropped to 5.5 pounds.

But the mother's negligence didn't start up when she gave birth to her daughter. She also failed to go in for medical checkups during her pregnancy, never received vaccines, and fed Sarang spoiled milk. When they were arrested, the couple accepted charges of involuntary manslaughter citing addiction to gaming as their defense, and while the father received a two-year sentence, the mother served no time. Not only did she just receive a three-year suspended sentence, but she was already pregnant with their second child.

While I get that some gamers can easily lose chunks of their day building up their characters, going on virtual quests, and gaining points, when you start putting aside your responsibilities like work and chores and slowly morphing into a hermit, those are red flags. When your own maternal instinct to care for your child is overridden by this distraction, even if you're ignorant as to what exactly you need to be doing, then that's an addiction that warrants professional help ¡de imediato!

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