WATCH: 4 Deadly cobras protect a sleeping baby!

A YouTube video of four cobras protecting an infant has officially made a comeback on the Internet. The viral video, which originally surfaced back in December, shows a baby peacefully sleeping while four deadly snakes appear to guard the child. You won't believe what happens next!


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The baby, who appears to be placed in an outdoor cot, seems to touch one of the cobras in its sleep. To our surprise, the notoriously vicious animal doesn't attack. Instead, it takes a protective stance and joins the other three snakes in an almost hypnotic dance on each corner of the wooden bed. Yes, weird, creepy, and worthy of goosebumps.

It would make me feel better if the parents or whoever videotaping this knew that the snakes were defanged and wouldn't pose a threat on the innocent baby. Otherwise, some serious attention should be placed on the family. It is unclear where the video originated from, but cobras are known for living in tropical hot climates and can be found in South East Asia, Africa, and India. 

Luckily, the infant was left unharmed and we learned that cobras can serve as backup babysitters. Some may considered that a stretch, but we can certainly bookmark this as one of the most terrifying videos ... like, EVER. Who knew one of the most feared snakes in the world would guard an infant in an (almost) charming way.

Imagen vía YouTube

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